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The 2015-16 College & Pro Basketball and NHL Seasons are Here !!!!

And at Logical Approach we're at the top of our game and have a

for the 2015-16 season.

It's never too late to join in on the profits. Just read about our basketball handicapping philosophies and after you're done
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The NBA season begins on Tuesday, October 27.

A full 82 game regular season will be played, plus the Playoffs,
as the season stretches until mid-June.

That's seven and a half months of virtually daily action on the hardwood.

In Las Vegas terms that translates into literally thousands of money making opportunities.

And the college basketball season starts Friday, November 13th

The college season stretches until early April, giving us 5 months and dozens of daily opportunities as well.

And the NHL season has been underway since early October

Because of the day-to-day nature, basketball and hockey do not lend themselves to a Newsletter selection format as
several intervening game are played and selections are often based on stale and outdated information.

At Logical Approach we have ONE, AND ONLY ONE, selection service,
providing selections throughout the season on the day of the game.

********** Seasons Within a Season

We have broken down the college and pro basketball season into several mini-seasons,
each of which requires their own brand and style of handicapping.

***** The Early NBA Season *****
In the NBA November and December are times when past reputations are used
in setting the line but current rosters offer great opportunities to get a jump
on the linesmaker, both in playing Sides and Totals.

Much of the work we do in the offseason is to analyze the precise impact of player
turnover, both in terms of offense and defense and expected changes in playing time.

Thus when the season starts, and for the first 7-8 weeks, we are already
ahead of the linesmaker who needs that amount of time to fully
incorporate significant changes into the line.

***** The New Year *****
Once January arrives our current season model kicks in strongly and for the balance
of the regular season our numbers, for Sides and Totals, are the sharpest in the business.

Several years ago we supplied our numbers on a daily basis to a major
Sports Book in Las Vegas and became part of the linesmaking process.

We could see the impact our input was having on the Opening lines and we
decided it was in our best interests to no longer participate in that process.

***** The NBA PLayoffs *****
The NBA Playoffs are a third mini-season and require a totally different
handicapping style than numbers alone or situations alone can provide.

During the Playoffs we become extremely selective in our plays
and do not play every day and occasionally sit out an entire series.

This strategy has been profitable over the years and our Playoff record has
been a solid 60 + % Against the Spread (ATS) over the past several years!

***** Pre-Conference College Basketball Season *****
November and December historically present
outstanding opportunities in college basketball.

Many intersectional and non-conference matchups highlight the
pre-conference schedule, augmented by some outstanding Tournaments.

We have always been ahead of the curve when the season starts and have
been able to capitalize for knowing which teams will be vastly improved or
weakened from the previous season, and which teams have been improperly
analyzed and forecasted in the many pre-season preview publications.

This gives us a huge edge over the linesmaker.

***** Happy New Year -- College Conference Play *****
When conference play begins in January the outstanding situations are
supplemented by what has been one of our strengths in all sports - Overs & Unders.

Team histories are complimented by our extremely powerful Ratings
and comparative analysis that concentrates on finding underdogs that
will win outright in addition to grossly underpriced favorites.

Our Over/Under strength in college basketball has been so powerful over the
past decade, hitting in range of 58 - 60 % on games with posted Totals, that we
are doing something very again special this season, which we shall detail shortly.

***** March Madness *****
When March Madness comes around, our season-long tracking of over 351 Division 1 teams
pays huge dividends - in both the early and later rounds of the NCAA Tournament
(plus the NIT, CIT and CBI Tournaments).

We know which of the tiny conference representatives have a chance of hanging close
while getting 35 or more points - and which of these small teams will be blown out by
halftime. Our Over/Unders continue to be strong throughout the Tournaments.

Selectivity is the Player's Biggest Edge.

We don't have to play every game.

Nor do we have to play every day.

At Logical Approach we analyze the card every day and when there are games with
enough percieved edges to warrant plays, they become Premium Selections

We are committed to providing you with our top plays on virtually a daily basis,
through the NBA Championship and the college post-season tourneys, at what
may be the most affordable price in the industry
- just $ 800.oo.


The one-time fee gets you all of our pro and college plays from the Opening Night
tip-offs through the NCAA & NIT Tourneys and the NBA Playoffs and NBA Championships.

That's a cost of barely $25 per week, less than you would often pay for
just one heavily hyped single play or single day's selections elsewhere

Weekly & Monthly Subscriptions are also available.


you also receive, at no extra charge,
our daily NHL selections - itself a $400.oo value
all the way through the Regular Season, Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals!.

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If you are interested in just part of our Daily Selection Service we do offer programs that are tailored to the 'mini-seasons' described above. Price information is on the Order Form. But the best value is clearly the full season package, especially if you sign up before November 15.

We mentioned how successful our college basketball Over/Under numbers have been over the past 10 seasons, hitting better between 58% and 60% for all games on which there are posted Totals in Las Vegas. In recent years more books have put up totals on more and more games so that there is now a total on virtually every game on the board at multiple Sports Books.

Beginning in January -- when our numbers really kick in -- we email to subscribers our Projected Total for every game on the board the following day, usually emailing these projections between 11 PM and midnight Pacific time. For those of you with access to overnight or early morning lines, or have access to several lines throughout the day, you will be able to get the best available number as soon as they appear or move throughout the day.

With the work we've done getting ready for the upcoming season, we're sure you'll want to be a part of what we expect to be our best, and most consistent, season ever. Plus you'll get our top hockey plays which have been extremely profitable over the past 5 seasons.

To subscribe simply click on the link to our Order Form below and you can sign up online via our secure server. Or you may sign up by calling us at (702) 898-9802 and signing up by telephone. And you can always print out the Order Form and sign up by sending the information to us via regular mail.

Selections will generally be available by 3:00 PM Pacific Time for night games (generally weekdays)
and by 9:00 AM Pacific Time for day games (usually weekends).

You may access the selections both by accessing our website and they shall also be e-mailed to you.

We're looking forward to great NBA and college basketball (and hopefully hockey) seasons and hope you'll join us
for what should be an exciting, and profitable, college and pro basketball and NHL experience.

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