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2018 Daily Pitcher Statistical Performance Report

Data is for the 2018 Season and is displayed in Sports Rotation Order
Data is for the scheduled starting pitchers for that day

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Starting Pitcher Matchup(s) for Sunday, October 28, 2018 -- World Series -- Game 5

Statistics Reflect FINAL 2018 Regular Season Statistics

Updated Through Monday, October 1, 2018 -- End of Regular Season

BOST33PRICE, DL2.75C1.14++3055.11765.9153.582281298131525.49.13.7
L.A.17KERSHAW, CL1.50A1.04++3859.21616.2172.731610-513131125.49.13.4

Explanation of Data --

Please NOTE that all statistics reflect starting assignments only. No relief appearances are included.

RNK -- Starting Pitcher's Ranking from among the currently - 187 - starting pitchers who have either pitched at least 50 innings as a starter in 2018 or who have made at least 10 starts (regardless of innings pitched). A '0' indicates a current season pitcher who has pitched less than 50 innings as a starter in 2018, or has made fewer than 10 starts, in either league.

L/R --- Lefty or Righty

RTNG -- Pitcher's 2018 season-to-date Rating with a BEST of 1.00 and a WORST of 5.00

C -- Pitcher's 2018 Classification with a BEST of A and a WORST of E

H&W PER INN -- Pitcher's Ratio of Hits plus Walks per Inning Pitched. A Ratio of 1.00 or less is Excellent; from 1.25 to 1.40 is Average; from 1.60 to 1.75 is Bad; above 1.75 often signals either a play AGAINST that pitcher or OVER on the Total

I - H -- Innings Pitched minus Hits Allowed; a '+' is a good indicator, a '-' is a negative indicator

CTL -- Indication of Pitcher's control as measured by Walks per Inning pitched; '+' is a pitcher with good control; '-' is a pitcher with poor control; '=' is neutral or average control

VAL -- A numerical evaluation of a pitcher's overall performance with a Value of 50 or higher indicating a solid performer

TOT PWR -- Pitcher's overall Power Rating with 60 or higher indicating All Star quality while 40 or below is a sign of major weakness

INN -- Total Innings Pitched as a Starter

IPS -- Average Innings Pitched per Start

QS -- Quality Starts -- pitching at least 6 innings and allowing no more than 2 earned runs

ERA Pitcher's Earned Run Average as a Starter

TW TL -- Team's record in all games started by that pitcher

NET P&L -- Profit/Loss of backing the Pitcher in eachof his starts

OVR UNS PSH -- Team's Over/Under record in all games started by that pitcher

AVE TOT RUN -- Average Runs scored by both teams in all of the pitcher's starts

EXP RUNS AGST -- Expected Runs to be Allowed by the pitcher based on historical statistical factors

AVE RUNS FOR -- Average Runs Scored when Pitcher starts (i.e. Average Run Support)

NOTE -- For Pitchers who have started for teams in each league, only the statistics
accumulated in the Pitcher's current league are included/shown

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