Logical Approach's Daily College Basketball Handicapping Report

Current Data for 2020-21 Season

Data For Games of Monday, April 5, 2021 -- 2021 NCAA Men's Championship Game

NCAA TOURNAMENT.......................

Key to Handicapping Data

TOTAL POWER         Team's Comprehensive Overall Power Rating that accounts
                    for the Team's own Conference affiliation and that of
                    the teams it has played

POWER RANK          Team's Rank among 357 Division I teams

PERF INDEX          Team's Performance Index Rating that accounts for that
                    team's own Power Rating and how it has varied during the
                    course of the current season with more weight given to
                    more recent games

PDEX RANK           Team's Rank among 357 Division I teams

SUW SUL             Overall Straight Up Wins and Losses

AVE P F  P A  MGN   Average Points Scored, Allowed and Margin

PSW PSL PSP         Pointspread Wins, Losses and Pushes

HCV                 Home Court Value (Range is from - 9.57 to + 9.48)

OVR UND OUP         Totals Results for Overs, Unders and Pushes

UROO                Number of games the were Under the Total at the end of
                    regulation but ended up as Overs after Overtime (and are
                    included in the OVR column).  A team that shows 11 5 1 2
                    is a team that shows as 11-5-1 Over/Under/Push but would be
                    shown as 9-7-1 Over/Under/Push if only 40 minutes of
                    regulation play is considered.

ALPA                Average Line Played Against for lined games

ARVL                Average Result Versus Line for lined games

HOME PDEX           Home Power Rating

ROAD NEUT PDEX      Road/Neutral Site Power Rating

R/N  W   R/N  L     Road and Neutral Site Wins and Losses

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