As Details for the major 2021 Football Contests are announced during July and August the information below
shall be updated on a frequent and timely basis so please check back during the months of July and August.

Details for most of the expected major Contests for 2021 have been announced

Updated As Of Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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2021 Football Contests & Available Proxy Services

1 -- Introduction
2 -- The Proxy and Serivices Provided
3 -- The Contests -- Official Rule
4 -- The Contests -- Key Highlights

(1) Introduction

Because of the popularity of football, especially the NFL, each football season many Sports Books in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada offer weekly and/or season long football contests, often in an effort to attract as much traffic into their casino and sports book as possible.

Some contests are free. Some carry a modest price tag to enter ($25 to $250). Others are more of the "high end" variety (such as the Westgate SuperContest and Circa Contests) with entry fees of $ 1,000.oo -- and upwards (Westgate SuperContest Gold is $5,000.oo).

These contests offer prizes ranging upwards of seven figures ($1,000,000 or more) and some pay up to 50 places. Some contests even offer include 'min-contests' that cover performance over parts of the season that carry separate prizes of their own.

Some contests offer weekly prizes of several thousand dollars. Some contests offer season long prizes of $5,000 to $1,00,000 or more. Some contests offer a combination of weekly and season long prizes. And some of the higher end contests have started to offer prizes for each quarter of the NFL season that pay in excess of $100,000!

A number of the lower end contests involve picking the straight up winners of NFL games (usually just the Sunday and Monday games). A few contests -- mainly those that carry entry fees of $250 or more -- involve picking winners against the pointspread. Some contests involve just college football or a combination of NFL and College Football.

Contests are available for virtually every budget and for fans with varying degrees of knowledge and interest in football -- college and/or NFL, Sides and/or Totals.

These contests have become increasingly popular with residents and seasonal visitors to Las Vegas and Nevada and, over the past decade, those who live outside the state of Nevada.

There are ways for non-residents and occasional visitors to participate in some of these contests -- BY UTILIZING THE SERVICES OF A PROXY. Read on for details and further information on these contests and available proxy services.

Most contests require the contestant to enter IN PERSON in Las Vegas but then allow the weekly selections to be submitted by a Proxy.

Depending on the specific contests rules, a contestant may or may not be required to submit their weekly selections in person.

In some contests where 'in person' submissions are required, a contestant is able to designate a specific person as a proxy who is authorized to submit the weekly selections for that contestant.

For contests that do not require weekly selections to be submitted in person a proxy may nonetheless needed for contestants who are not able to be in Las Vegas to make the weekly selections as at the present time Contests do not allow for submissions by telephone or over the Internet or via mobile app outside the state of Nevada as per Nevada Gaming Commission rules.

(2) The Proxy & the Services Provided

Since moving to Las Vegas in 1991 Andy Iskoe of Logical Approach has entered many of the football contests offered and sponsored by the Sports Books in Las Vegas.

In fact, in 2021 he is entering the SuperContest for a 31st consecutive season!

In addition to having had success as a contestant in most of these contests over the years, he has also been a Proxy for contestants who live out of town and are not able to make the weekly selections in person at the various Sports Books, most notably for the Super Contest for which he has proxied for almost 20 years.

It was his participation in the SuperContest throughout the 1990's and into the early 2000's combined with his long running role as a co-host of the Saturday night edition of the Stardust Line Radio Show from Las Vegas that got Andy involved as a Proxy for non-Las Vegas residents who listened each week during the football season as Andy shared his experiences in the SuperContest, sharing his results from the prior week, his selections for the current week and his progress throughout the season that caught the attention of listeners to the show as to how they might participate in the SuperContest even though they did not live in Las Vegas or visit Las Vegas on a weekly basis. Mostly these were listeners on the West Coast from Washington down through California and in Arizona. In addition, subscribers to his "Logical Approach College & Pro Football Newsletter" were also interested in participating. In response to those inquiries his answer was simple. Visit Las Vegas to sign up for the contest and have someone turn in your weekly picks if you were unable to put them in yourself. And that's how he got started offering his Proxy service.

Back "in the day" the long time King of the football contests -- the SuperContest (originally sponsored by the Hilton and then its successors the LVH and now the Westgate) -- from its inception in 1988 through much of the next two decades, attracted generally between 200 and 400 contestants and was pretty much considered a "locals" contest but for the relatively small number of out-of-area contestants. That all changed after 2010 when ESPN began to report on the contest throughout the 2010 season, generating much publicity for the SuperContest and widespread interest in participating in the next season's SuperContest -- both nationally and internationally. Since then the Proxy service business has developed into somewhat of a cottage industry, fueled by that extensive coverage given to the SuperContest beginning in 2010 by the folks at ESPN. In 2019, the last season prior to the Covid-19 pandemic -- the Westgate SuperContest attracted a record 3,328 entries -- nearly a tenfold increase from the 345 entries in 2010 when widespread coverage of the contest began!

In 2021 Andy is again offering his services as a Proxy for contestants who are unable to submit weekly selections in person.

The keys to an effective Proxy/Contestant relationship are organization and communication.

Over the years Andy has developed an organized, structured and sensible system for disseminating and receiving contest selection information with the contestants for whom he has served as Proxy. Details of that system are explained below, both before and after the descriptions of most of the weekly football contests for which he shall be offeering proxy services in 2021.

The Proxy procedure is similar for all contests with minor variations due to time and/or deadline variations that will vary according to the specific contest.

Using the Westgate NFL Super Contest as an example, emails are sent on Wednesday evenings by Andy to the contestants for whom he is a Proxy. The email will contain information related to the contest lines for the upcoming week's games (to be released by 5 PM Pacific time Wednesdays in 2021), expected to include links to contestants' results for the previous week, season-to-date results and the overall standings for all contestants (including information on the status of the contestants currently in "cashing" position -- for 2021 the Top 30 and ties).

The contestant is then responsible for providing Andy with his/her 5 contest selections by email no later than 3 PM Pacific Time on SATURDAY AFTERNOON (Andy's deadline for 2021) so that the selections may be submitted to the Westgate safely in advance of the Westgate's official Saturday 11 PM deadline (6 PM for submission by mobile app --the official 6 PM and 11 PM deadlines are strictly enforced). If the contestant is using the Thursday game(s) the selections should be received by Andy by 12 Noon Pacific time on Thursday with all 5 selections required to be submitted at the same time (for this reason the Thursday game is usually the game least played each week).

The Fee charged for the Proxy Service is agreed upon with each contestant and may be based upon the specific contest or combination of contests entered, the number of entries, the complexities of "administering" your weekly entries/selections, and other factors.

The Fee is generally a flat, up front one time fee -- with no requirement to share a percentage or part of any winnings earned by the contestant.

(3) The Contests -- Official Rules

Here are links to the OFFICIAL RULES for the major Las Vegas Handicapping Contests for whidh Andy shall be offering his Proxy services

1 -- Westgate SuperContests --

SuperContest Classic -- Official Rules

Super Contest Gold -- Official Rules

SuperContest Reboot -- Official Rules

2 -- Circa Sports

Circa Million III -- Official Rules

Circa Survivor -- Official Rules

3 -- Golden Nugget

Ultimate Football Challenge -- Official Rules

4 -- William Hill

William Hill College Football Pick 'em Contest -- Official Rules

William Hill Pro Football Pick 'em Contest -- Official Rules

(4) The Contests -- Key Highlights

This section is still under construction/revision.

Most questions should be answered by reading the Official Rules for which links are provided above.

If you have specific questions about using a Proxy please contact Andy Iskoe by email at

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