2001 Las Vegas College Basketball Handicapping Contest

Each week during the 2001 college basketball season we shall provide the
selections played by handicappers/entrants in the 2001
Stardust Invitational College Basketball Handicapping Contest

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to Ken White

Champion of the Stardust College Basketball Tournament

Selections for March 16, 2001

The Championship Finals

Andy Iskoe vs. Ken White

Selections for the semi-finals shall be posted as early as possible on Thursday morning
but the selections shall be revealed between 8 and 9 AM Pacific time on the Stardust
Line Radio Show that can be heard live at www.kdwn.com

Congratulations to the four semi-finalists --

Freddie Banks
Keith Glantz
Andy Iskoe
Ken White

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Don't Forget --

The Semi-final round will be held on Thursday, March 15, the first day of
the NCAA Tournament. We shall try to have the selections of the
4 semi-finalists posted as early as possible on this website.

Each week we will present the selections of some of the nation's leading handicapers as they compete for a winner-take-a;; cash prize of $10,000 and handicapping acclaim. The Stardust's football contest has attracted national notoriety.

The Stardust is sponsoring a college basketball tournament and has invited 10 of the nation's leading analysts/handicappers to compete selecting five games each Saturday, beginning January 12, for nine weeks. After the nine weeks are completed the four contestants with the best cumulative record for their 45 selections will advance to the semi-finals which will be held on Thursday, March 15, the first day of the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. The handicappers will compete head to head against one another and will be seeded with #1 facing #4 and #2 facing #3. The two winners will advance to a head to head competition the following day, Friday, March 16, the second day of the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.

As just mentioned, each handicapper will submit five selections from the Saturday college basketball schedule, using lines posted at the Stardust Race and Sports Book at approximately 4:30 PM on Friday afternoon. One of the five selections shall be designated as a Best Bet which will count only for tie-breaker purposes at the end of the nine weeks to determine the four semi-finalists and the seedings. Otherwise, the Best Bet selections will carry the same weight as the other four selections.

In presenting this information to the public the interests of several parties have to be balanced. Obviously the Stardust would like the contest to attract traffic to their Race and Sports Book. Also, many of the participants operate handicapping and/or consulting services for which they receive a fee for their selections. Finally, the public will benefit from knowing who some of the top handicapping professionals recommend as their top selections.

Out of respect for the handicappers who participate in the contest, and thereby provide selections each week, we will not reveal the names of the individuals, many of whom have their own consulting servies for which they charge a fee for their selections. The specific identities are known to those of us who reside in, or travel to, Las Vegas.

Clients of Logical Approach may telephone our offices if they would like further details on the contestants and/or selections.

To be fair, however, in the presentation of the weekly selections each contestant will be identified in the same place each week and the cumulative record will be presented. Thus the public will be able to track the performance of each of the handicappers for the length of the contest. For those living in, or travelling to, Las Vegas, to learn the name behind the number for each contestant you are invited to visit the Stardust Race & Sports Book on the Las Vegas Strip where you will be able to get a copy of all of the selections (for free) with each handicapper and his selections identified. The sheets are expected to be available every Friday evening at approximately 6:00 PM local (Pacific) time.

Selections of the 10 contestants for Week 9 (March 10)

10 Contestants compete during the first 9 weeks of the Contest after which the top 4 finishers meet in head-to-head semi-final matches on Thursday, March 15 to reduce to 2 the number of contestants who will meet in the Stardust Invitational Handicapping Tournament Finals on Friday, March 16

Here is a listing of the 10 participants in the
Stardust College Basketball Handicapping Tournament
(in alphabetical order):

Freddie Banks
Chip Chirimbes
Dave Cokin
Greg Daraban
Ron Frazier
Keith Glantz
Andy Iskoe
Mike Lee
Tim Trushel
Ken White

Collectively the 10 handicappers went 169-179-12 (48.6 %) on their regular
selections and 40-47-3 (46.0 %) on their Best Bets for a total record
of 209-226-15 (48.1 %)
through the 9 weeks of the 2001 Contest

Selections & Standings for the 2001 Contest

Please note that the selections are not listed in the same order as the Contestants are listed above. Since most of the Contestants also offer their selections for sale to clients, in order to achieve an ethical balance between providing solid handicapping information to the public free of charge and retaining the integrity of the handicappers to their paying clients, the names of the specific contestants are not being disclosed as to the identity of whose selections are whose but the same Contestant's selections will be provided in the same spot each week. In other words, Contestant # 1 will ALWAYS be Contestant # 1 throughout the season so that you may track the performance of each Contestant week by week.

Selections of Contestant # 1 (Currently in 7th place with a 19-24-2 record including Best Bets of 6-3-0)


Selections of Contestant # 2 (Currently in 10th place with a 14-28-3 record including Best Bets of 3-6-0)


Selections of Contestant # 3 (Currently in 2nd place with a 25-20-0 record including Best Bets of 7-2-0)


Selections of Contestant # 4 (Currently in 8th place with a 18-26-1 record including Best Bets of 2-7-0)


Selections of Contestant # 5 (Currently in 1st place with a 30-14-1 record including Best Bets of 6-3-0)

Alabama State & Michigan State UNDER 131
Western Kentucky & Florida UNDER 141
Providence & Penn State OVER 143
Mississippi and Iona OVER 137

(BEST BET) -- Northwestern State & Illinois OVER 141

Selections of Contestant # 6 (Currently in 4th place with a 22-21-2 record including Best Bets of 2-5-2)


Selections of Contestant # 7 (Currently in 5th place with a 21-21-3 record including Best Bets of 5-4-0)


Selections of Contestant # 8 (Currently in 6th place with a 21-23-1 record including Best Bets of 5-4-0)


Selections of Contestant # 9 (Currently in 3rd place with a 23-21-1 record including Best Bets of 3-5-1)

Tennessee - 1 over NC Charlotte
Notre Dame Pick 'em over Xavier
Fresno State + 2 1/2 over California
Eastern Illinois & Arizona UNDER 155

(BEST BET) -- Cal Northridge + 12 1/2 over Kansas

Selections of Contestant # 10 (Currently in 9th place with a 16-28-1 record including Best Bets of 1-8-0)


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