Madness? Mayhem? Mania?

March is finally here!!

Join us for this season's NCAA and NIT Tournaments

Plus the rest of the NBA and NHL Seasons too!!

For more than two decades we have historically had tremendous success picking winners in the NCAA and NIT college basketball Tournaments. We have refined our analytical and computational techniques over the years and have outstanding success in accurately forecasting not just the winning sides, but also the total points scored in these games.

For 2007 we have a SPECIAL PACKAGE available
on a limited basis that will provide the following --

-- Our Top Premium Selections that we provide our full
season Daily Selection Service clients.

-- Projected Total Points for each of the 64 NCAA
Tournament games and all 31 NIT games

That's almost 100 games and 200 wagering propositions with Sides and Totals.

A terrific opportunity packed into a two and a half week time span.

PLUS -- You'll also get these bonuses

-- Our Daily NBA Premium Selections through the
NCAA Championship Game of April 2nd

-- Our Daily NBA Premium Selections through the
NCAA Championship Game of April 2nd

-- Our Bracket Projections for Office Pools featuring our
"conservative" forecast and our "upsets" forecast

To join us for this most exciting of all sports events just use the Order Form below and submit it over our Secure Server where your information is protected through encryption and we will get you set up to begin as soon as the Tournament pairings are announced on Sunday, March 11th.

Over the past two decades our Recommended Selections have hit in excess of 60% against the pointspread and our Over/Under Projections have had better than a 65% success rate against the Opening Line and better than a 62% success rate against the Closing Line.

We plan on making the Totals Projections for the first round of the NCAA Tournament available to subscribers betweenb 7 and 9 PM Pacific time on Selection Sunday, March 11th.

These projections shall be sent to you by email as will our filled in Tournament Brackets which should be ready by noon on Tuesday March 13th.

Daily Premium Selections shall also be sent by email so be sure to include a primary email address and up to 2 additional email addresses if you wish when completing the Order Form below.

If you would like our NBA and NHL Selections through the end of their regular seasons and through the NBA Playoffs and Finals and through the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals you may sign up for the balance of season package at just a minimal added cost, taking your daily service through late May for the NHL and through mid June for the NBA..

Pricing information in on the Order Form below.

Any questions? Call our offices at (702) 898-9802 or email us at

We look forward to another great conclusion to what has already been a profitableCollege and Pro Basketball and NHL seasons and we look forward to you being with us for the ride.


No Need To Wait For the Tournament Madness to Begin !!

Sign up TODAY and you will receive all college selections, including
Conference Tournament selections, upon receipt of your order.



To place your order simply complete the information below, checking the items you wish to purchase or the Newsletters and/or Services to which you wish to subscribe. You may either order online by clicking the PLACE ORDER button at the bottom of this form (payment must be by Credit Card) or you may order through the mail by printing a copy of this Order Form and sending it with your Check, Money Order or Credit Card information to us at:

LOGICAL APPROACH - - - - - P. O. BOX 20405 - - - - - LAS VEGAS, NV 89112

Telephone (702) 898-9802


Please include an e-mail address to which you would like us to send
an Order Confirmation and up to 2 additional email addresses to
which we shall send the Selections, Projections and Filled In Brackets.

NCAA & NIT Premium Selections, Projections and Brackets -- $ 250.oo

NCAA & NIT Recommended Selections, Projections and Brackets PLUS NBA/NHL Premium Selections through NHL & NBA Finals -- $ 400.oo

Enter the TOTAL COST of your Order..........................................


Upon receipt of your subscription we shall contact you with additional information to start your subscription such as available options to receive the selections, projections, etc.

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