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There's a great deal of sports information on the World Wide Web. Much of it is useful. Much of it is entertaining. And much of it is both. As we become aware of new sites that might be of interest to you. we shall inform you of them on this page. Not all are necessarily handicapping related. And most are not the huge sites that everybody knows about (such as ESPN, CNN, etc.). But we think you might find a visit interesting, informative and often entertaining.

Please note that LOGICAL APPROACH does not necessarily recommend, endorse or otherwise vouch for the following sites but is providing this information as a service to the Sports Betting and Handicapping community. Certainly we believe all of the information is useful to handicappers or entertaining, and often a combination of both.

Just click on the HIGHLIGHTED area in the following descriptions to visit the web site.

If you are looking for the best source of handicapping and gaming publications, software and video then you must visit the GAMBLER'S BOOK CLUB. You will be amazed at the wide assortment of books and other publications that cover the entire realm of gaming and gambling, from sports to horses to casino games and much, much more.

THE OPTIMIZER is a windows-based software program that can uncover hundreds of pointspread patterns that have occurred in the NFL over the past several seasons, many of which have occurred so frequently and powerfully that they can not be attributed to random chance. The program is an upgraded version of earlier software programs that combine some of the best features of The Pointspread Analyzer and The Expert and is developed and maintained by Professor Mike Orkin, PhD, Professor of Statistics at Cal St Hayward and a participant in the 2001 Stardust Football Invitational Tournament.

Perhaps the most outstanding source on a weekly basis for both football and basketball can be found in the pages of THE GOLD SHEET, by far and a way the nation's most prestigous handicapping newsletter. Filled with statistics, logs, insightful commentary and predictions with analyses on all lined games, TGS and its companion publications, Gold Sheet Extra and Kick Off Confidential supplement The Gold Sheet with unique perspectives, updated information and coverage of both college and pro basketball and college and pro football.

The Internet has made access to information from all corners of the world a snap. Imagine having immediate access to the sports sections of virtually every newspaper in the country. Upon your first visit to SPORTSPAGES you will bookmark the site for frequent future reference. Excellent for keeping on top of news concerning your favorite college or pro team.

Despite the rather snickering name, SILLY SPORTS has a wealth of information especially geared to handicapping and wagering on football. Check out this rather irreverent and esoteric website for some outstanding handicapping pointers.

Are you a FAN OF THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES? Or do you HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS? If you answer 'yes' to either question then you will enjoy a visit to this fan's website dedicated to both groups.

Billing itself as "Your ultimate sports betting source," a visit to THE DAILY SPREAD will provide you with industry news, free picks, exclusive Newsletters and more.

You're probably familiar with the major players such as ESPN, CNN, Sporting News and Fox but there are other sources that provide excellent coverage of all sports and have their own unique features. A couple of such sites may be found by visiting THE SPORTS NETWORK and SPORT SERVER.

A fine source about baseball's past can be found by visiting RETROSHEET. You'll find loads of information about the rich history of baseball and may even pick up some tips that will help you enjoy today's game even more.

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