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1 -- Introduction

2 -- College & Pro Football Newsletter

3 -- Premium Selections Service

4 -- NFL Teaser Newsletter

5 -- College and Pro Football Trends & Tendencies Newsletter

6 -- History of Logical Approach

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For almost 4 decades Logical Approach has been among the best in the nation in providing clients outstanding information and winning selections.

Handicapping is a full time job.

It's long been realized that everybody has sufficient time over the course of a week to fully and properly research and analyze the many factors that result in winning selections on your own.

It's not just a case of reviewing Power Ratings, looking at Injury Reports and making a decision.

Often it takes 7 or 8 reviews and breakdowns of a single game to uncover a high percentage play.

Logical Approach publishes 3 football Newsletters in addition to providing a Premium Selections Service to help you gain winning edges on a weekly basis throughout the season.

Read on for more information and details on Logical Approach's offerings for the 2021 football season.

COLLEGE & PRO FOOTBALL NEWSLETTER -- The Cornerstone of Our Consistent and Sustained Success

This is our 'bread and butter' Newsletter and has been successfully picking pointspread winners for nearly 40 years!

Our College & Pro Football Newsletter is designed for those who value our insights on a handful of games (and preferences on all other games on the schedule) but don't feel the need to supplement these early week selections with the Premium Selections which result from our repeated review of all games during the week following publication of this Newsletter.

Actually, our most popular package season after season is the combination of our College & Pro Football Newsletter and our Premium Selections Service.

And by taking advantage of the Discounts we offer the price for this combination package can be less than $25.oo per week for the entire season!

This weekly publication contains our early selections with write ups and analyses on our top Games of the Week, one college and one pro, plus write ups and analyses on three more college and three more pro 'Featured' games, and also selections on what we call the 'Best of the Rest' (Opinions) and 'The Rest' (Leans) for the rest of the games on that week's schedule.

The format for our College & Pro Newsletter is pretty straightforward and consistent, having changed very little over the past four decades. Almost every issue begins with an informative and useful article or commentary that relates to a key area of college or pro football (some of which are highlighted below.

We feature 4 College Football Selections and Write-ups with one game designated as our "Top Selection of the Week" and the other 3 as "Featured Selections."

We then provide selections on all other games on the betting board that week, separating those selections into "Best of the Rest" (Opinions) and "The Rest" (Leans).

We then repeat the process for the NFL schedule with a "Top Selection of the Week", 3 "Featured Selections", "Best of the Rest" and "The Rest". Additionally we provide several Over/Under Selections for Totals players (usually from 4 to 8 each week) that are rated in strength similar to out "Best of the Rest" Side Selections (Opinions).

Finally, each issue contains up to 4 college and 4 NFL "Money Line Recommendations" for teams we project as having a high probability of winning their game Straight Up, without regard to the pointspread. These selections usually involve attractive Underdogs that carry a "plus" price on the Money Line or at times there will be short priced favorites.

Come College Bowl and NFL Playoff time we provide Rated Selections on EVERY SIDE & TOTAL -- rating each Side and Total Selection from a low of 1 Star to a high of 5 Stars with Sides/Totals rated 3 Stars or higher considered as Recommended Selections.

The Newsletter selections form the foundation for our Premium Selections Service. As noted above, almost every issue includes a special study or commentary, current developments and frequently inform our readers of the many new research findings we uncover each season.

The Newsletter also has a Spreadsheet containing unique and valuable data to assist you in evaluating all the games and is available separately on this website, offered FREE to both subscribers and non-subscribers.

Although the selections are based upon our early analysis of the upcoming week's schedule and are subject to be modified for Premium Selections Service clients, the top selections are designed to stand on their own. College Totals are not included in the Newsletter as many Sports Book don't post college Totals until after our publication deadline. College Totals are included in the Premium Selections Service.

If you are content to focus on just a handful of solid recommendations each week, our College & Pro Football Newsletter will be your BEST BET this season!

Features and Studies from past seasons and planned again for this season include :

To Buy or Not to Buy That Extra Half Point -- Analysis of "Key" Numbers in the NFL

Measuring A "True" NFL Home Field Advantage

Weekly Spreadsheet Featuring Unique and Exclusive Statistics -- Including "X" Factor

The NFL -- A Study in Parity? Or Mediocrity? -- An Analysis of Close Games

Mid Season College Football Report -- Over-Achievers & Under-Achievers

NFL Mid Season Review -- The Statistics That Point to Pointspread Success

Playing the NFL Money Line -- A Study of Winning and Losing Favorites

NFL Overs & Unders -- A Total-ly Different Perspective

The Continued Need For A Real College Football Playoff -- A Practical Solution

Preparing for the College Bowls -- Conference Strength Factors

NFL Playoffs -- Round by Round Historical Pointspread Data

NFL Season Review -- AND -- Preview for Next Season

Click here to learn more and see a Sample Issue from last season.

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Season after season our most popular subscriptions are ones that include both
the Premium Selections Service and the College & Pro Football Newsletter !!

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PREMIUM SELECTIONS SERVICE -- Our Top of the Line Product That Puts It All Together

For the 2021 football season we will again be offering a single Premium Selections Service that features our best, top rated releases in both college football and the NFL each week. There are two levels of selections which are classified as either Single Plays or Double Plays. Selections include both Sides and Totals (Overs/Unders). All Double Play selections are rated equally and all Single Play Selections are rated equally.

Unlike most others in the industry we have only one Premium Selections Service.

Handicapping, linesmaking and the betting marketplace have all changed significantly in recent seasons with the explosion of not just the information that is so widely available but the proliferation of large betting groups/syndicates on a global basis that have entered the marketplace and have greatly impacted the markets. There are routinely major line swings, some of which are one way moves and that are used to set up middles and/or buy backs. Some of the moves are legitimate opinions and others are set ups designed to induce further movement in a certain direction before seeing action come in on the other side/total and often creating significant middle opportunities. There is greater volatility in sports "investing" than ever before with many competing and often conflicting interests involved. More and more groups using techniques that in the past were utilized mostly in the financial and stock markets -- investors/bettors who play "numbers" and not "teams."

Over the years Logical Approach's founder and sole proprietor Andy Iskoe has kept pace with changes in the sports wagering/handicapping environment and has been in the forefront of conducting research to go behind the commonly available statistics, data and other information to uncover situations, metrics, patterns, trends and other factors not reported in the public media.

For many years the edges to be gained were edges that came from having key information before it hit the mainstream media or was learned by the linesmakers and other bettors. These days virtually all information is available and transmitted virtually instantaneously. With the advent of Twitter and other social media platforms player injuries are often known worldwide as the injured player is being carried to the sidelines. The edges are now more often found in how that information is used -- the key being to use such information in ways that others are not using that same information.

And that's an area in which Andy and his Logical Approach have excelled in for many years and continue to prioritize as a key ingredient in a successful handicapping and wagering program.

The changes in the sports handicapping landscape has resulted in the transition from "old style, traditional" handicapping techniques to ones that are more reflective of the more sophisticated and constantly changing environment.

Logical Approach takes pride in having one -- and only one -- Premium Selections Service. All subscribers receive the same, identical selections, week after week, season after season.

The expectations are that 2021 should produce another outstanding season!!!


Although our College & Pro Football Newsletter Selections have consistently been winners and will serve the needs of most players, Newsletters by themselves have limitations in that they can only assess a limited amount of information prior to publication on Mondays/Tuesdays.

Our Premiums Selections Service builds upon the foundation laid by the College & Pro Football Newsletter by looking deeper into each college and pro matchup, digging into more of the statistics that are often not fully available and able to be fully analyzed until mid week, making use of historical models that build upon data already accumulated during the current and prior seasons.

Of course, a major benefit of the Premium Selections Service is that the selections are able to consider injuries, other personnel moves that occur during the week and, perhaps most importantly, adjustments to the Opening Line which can often increase or decrease the attractiveness of a Newsletter Selection depending upon the direction and magnitude of the move or can turn Newsletter Opinions or Leanings into more strongly valued recommendations.

Unlike many, if not most, other handicapping services on the market, at Logical Approach THERE IS JUST ONE AND ONLY ONE Premium Selections Service.

ALL CLIENTS of the Premium Selections Service receive the same, identical selections.

The Premium Selections Service runs through all post season College Bowls, the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

There is a one time only fee when you initially subscribe. We do not ask you for any additional fees to take advantage of any special promotions such as Thanksgiving Weekend, Homecoming Games, Conference or Other Games or the Year, College Bowls/NFL Playoffs Package, etc. Although we may make such offers to the public at large, any such selections have always been included in the Premium Selections Service and identified as such.

We also pride ourselves in NEVER HAVING ADVERTISING OR PROMOTING "LOCK" OR "CAN'T MISS" GAMES -- a practice in which we have never and shall never engage!

There are no such things as "Lock" games -- ANY GAME CAN LOSE -- Rather, there are games that present higher percentage opportunities where a significant majority (but not all) of the handicapping factors favor one side or the other.

Put another way, there are ALWAYS cases that can be made for each side in a game. Obviously some factors are stronger than others and a proper analysis of all factors leads to a selection on one of the two sides or, in many games, neither side because the differences are negligible. If when you do your own handicapping and can only think of reasons to play Side A and none for Side B you should immediately pass that game because you are displaying, possibly unconsciously, an inherent bias towards Side A.

Our strongest selections each week are rated as "Double Plays" while our other qualified, playable selections are "Single Plays." In a typical season Double Plays will represent about 20-25% of the total plays we recommend with Single Plays representing 75-80% of our total plays. In a typical week (Tuesday through Monday) we expect a total of 10 - 15 plays although we tend to average closer to the lower end of that range than to the higher end.

We never have -- and never will -- insult your intelligence with claims of 70%, 80% or 90% winners -- claims that many others make and may indeed be true -- over a fairly short period of time (like a day or a weekend or maybe even a month) but are intended to convey they are for a full season or several seasons. Yes, we've had outstanding winning seasons. But we've had an occasional losing season as well along the way. Everyone has. They are inevitable. Just take a look at the high number of "random" results and games that are decided in the waning moments.

Anytime you are approached or solicited to receive (either for free or on a paid basis) a "Lock" game you should IMMEDIATELY run the other way -- such promoters and advertisers are only after your money on a one-time basis (unless you happen to win -- and there are schemes and scams designed for just that purpose) rather than in providing you with a realistic approach designed to give you edges on a season to season basis. Remember that no matter how many edges you perceive that your selection has, any game can lose.

But nobody works harder at finding winning situations and making plays that carry a high probability of winning than does Logical Approach's Andy Iskoe. And he's been doing it successfully for almost 40 years, the last 30 of which he's been based in Las Vegas!

Many of you may be familiar with him from his numerous and regular appearances over the years on the radio -- including nearly a decade as co-host of the long running "Stardust Line" -- plus his many contributions as a speaker at seminars and his writings in various publications including his long affiliation of more than 20 years with Gaming Today -- one of the industry's most respected sources of gaming and wagering information.

The Premium Selections Service is a single complete package that also has one additional benefit not offered by most other handicapping service -- the ability to have personal consultations during the season. Whether you have questions on the games recommended, or questions on other games of interest to you, or questions on handicapping in general, as a subscriber to the Premium Selections Service you may telephone or e-mail Andy with your questions, comments, etc. and you will receive a prompt response.

This benefit alone can be well worth several times the cost of the Service and makes Logical Approach rather unique in the Sports Advisory industry.

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NFL TEASER NEWSLETTER -- Our Unique Publication for More than 3 Decades !

Devoted entirely and exclusively to NFL Teasers, in each issue we present and rank the teams for the current week's games showing the strongest likelihood of covering as part of a two team, 6 point Teaser, along with recommendations as to how you might play them (round robins, keys, etc.). Season to date statistics plus a weekly educational/informative feature (see below) supplement the selections to give you a full appreciation of what may be the best bet in football.

The underlying concept as to why we are successful in our Teaser recommendations is that the linesmaker can't have it both ways -- as the linesmaker sets a better line for the regular pointspread, Teasers become even more attractive with the additional six points added to the line.

Our recommended teams are classified according to likelihood of Teaser success and issues include statistical breakdowns of how the season is progressing, recommended strategies for playing our Teaser teams (based upon how many plays you are comfortable making each week) plus other valuable insights and studies designed to give you even more of an edge when making this very profitable wager.

We first published our Teaser Newsletter way back in 1988 and have had great success in beating Teasers -- one of the most misunderstood of wagers but also one of the most profitable ones as well. Sports books have increasingly had to change the payouts on Teasers because of the great success the players have had in beating them -- many by using our Newsletter!

Since 1988 we have recommended over 3,000 teams and over 70% of these teams have been successful in two team, 6 point Teasers with more improvements and refinements planned for 2021 to produce even more winning Teasers and provide even more information critical to Teaser success.

Features from past seasons and planned again for this season include :

Historical Team by Team Teaser Success Rates

Strategies for "Hedging" & "Middling" With Teasers

Mid Season Team by Team Teaser Success Report

Historical Teaser Success Rates By Role and Pointspread Range

6 vs. 6 1/2 vs. 7 Point Teasers -- An In-Depth Study

End of Season Wrap Up and Recap

Even without the selections the Teaser Newsletter is a season-long handicapping course in understanding, handicapping and successfully playing two team Teasers!!!

Click here to learn more and see a Sample Issue from last season.

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TRENDS & TENDENCIES NEWSLETTER -- Based on History Repeating Itself

The selections in this Newsletter are derived from the material in our highly acclaimed Pointspread Encyclopedia series of books that had been published for more than two decades. These books reported how every pro and college team has fared against the pointspread in a variety of situations.

In essence, the selections are based upon historical trends, patterns and angles and the philosophy that the linesmaker, and -- more importantly -- the betting public, consistently overrates or underrates teams in similar situations that repeat themselves.

The selections are basically mechanical in nature based upon formulas and algorithms we have successfully employed for many years.

This is a 'no frills' Newsletter that simply presents the selections without commentary. The Selections consider the totality of the teams' current situations and do not focus in on or rely upon just one or a few high percentage factors bur rather on the combination and overlap of Trends/Situations developed from our proprietary computer program that determines those profiles on a week to week basis.

College Sides, NFL Sides and NFL Totals are rated from a high of 5 Stars to a low of 1 Star basis with a number of games not rated due to no clear cut historical edge based on the myriad factors considered.

Click here to learn more and to see a Sample Issue from last season.

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Logical Approach was founded by Andy Iskoe in 1982 and has remained a one person enterprise for all of its 38 years. It's stated mission has been to provide quality information in an effort to inform, educate and assist customers and clients to have success in taking advantage of sports investment opportunities in the major sports of college and pro football, college and pro basketball, major league baseball, hockey and other sports.

In addition to providing insights on sporting events Andy published the highly respected Pointspread Encyclopedia series of book for more than two decades that was one of the most comprehensive sources of pointspread results and information much of which was hard to find in the days before the Internet. He also has an extensive inventory of data base information with game by game data and pointspread information dating back to the 1980's for college and NFL football, college and NBA basketball and Major League Baseball.

Andy and his Logical Approach have a long track record of consistent and sustained football handicapping success for nearly four decades, highlighted by the following accomplishments

-- Multiple Top 20 Finishes in the prestigious Westgate/LVH/Hilton NFL SuperContest including a third place finish in 2002 and a tenth place finish in 2008

-- Multiple Top 10 Finishes in other Las Vegas Based College and Pro Football Handicapping Contests including a second and third place finish in LeRoys 2006 College Football Contest

-- Deep runs in several High End and/or Invitational "Bracket" Contests sponsored by leading Sports Books

Clients to Andy's Logical Approach Newsletters and Premium Service Selections have also enjoyed repeated successes over the years with Premium Selections and College & Pro Newsletter Selections including College Bowls and NFL Playoff successes.

But perhaps his most impressive accomplishment as a public handicapper took place in 2002

Andy writes a weekly NFL handicapping column for the Las Vegas-based newspaper Gaming Today in which he makes a Side or Totals selection against the pointspread for every game played each week. For week 7 of 2002 he was an astounding 14 for 14 ATS (Against The Pointspread)! -- in print!!

The odds against that occurring are 16,383-1!

You can check it out! It was Gaming Today's Issue # 42 of 2002 (October 15-21, 2002)

A year earlier, in 2001, he won the weekly $10,000.oo top prize by hitting 17 of 17 selections in the Stardust's All American Football Contest!

The odds against going 17 for 17 are 131,071 to 1!!!


Andy was a long time co-host of the popular Las Vegas based Saturday night Stardust Line Radio Show for nearly a decade until the Stardust closed in 2006.

Additionally, even prior to moving to Las Vegas in 1991 Andy was a popular guest on several other national weekly radio programs during the football season.

He continues to share his insights and analysis on multiple radio shows and podcasts throughout the football season as well as year round.

He's been a featured columnist for more than 20 years for the nation's most respected weekly gaming publication, Gaming Today.

This will be Andy's 30th football season in Las Vegas. Throughout his years in Las Vegas -- and continuing to this day -- Andy has openly and freely shared, and continues to share -- on radio and in print -- his thoughts, analyses, opinions and predictions on upcoming college and pro football games as well as other sports depending on which are in season

Now YOU have the opportunity to share in Andy's expertise BEFORE the general public gets his final top opinions by subscribing to one or more of Logical Approach's outstanding football Newsletters or by becoming a private client of the Premium Selections Service.

Take advantage of his expertise with one or more of his weekly Football Newsletters and/or get his top Premium plays of the week -- Sides and Overs/Unders -- Pro and College -- by subscribing to his Premium Selections Service.


ALL subscribers to our Premium Selections Service and/or to one or more of our Newsletters will receive

our NFL Over/Under Season Totals Wins Recommendations and Opinions for all 32 teams.

Available FREE to Premium Selection Service/Newsletter Subscribers this

eagerly awaited and highly respected Report is not available for separate purchase.

To Place a Newsletter/Premium Service Subscription and receive

our 2021 Season Totals Win Report as a FREE BONUS CLICK HERE.

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2 -- Be sure to see the Order Form for details and prices.

3 -- Discounts are not available for weekly and monthly subscriptions

4 -- All Newsletter and Full Season Premium Selection Subscriptions cover the regular season, the college Bowls and the NFL Playoffs, except for the NFL Teaser Newsletter which is only published during the regular season and does not cover the colleges or the NFL Playoffs.

5 -- Newsletters are e-mailed and accessible on our website, usually Tuesdays by 11 PM Pacific time.

6 -- Discounts are available for accepting only electronic delivery (email and website access) in lieu of US mail delivery (mailed either Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings).

7 -- Prices are on the Order Form. Newsletters may be ordered individually or in combination.

8 -- Newsletter Subscriptions are available on a full season or balance of season basis only

9 -- Premium Selections are available on a weekly, monthly or full season/balance of season basis

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