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2010 Major League Baseball Umpire Data

FINAL Statistics Through Sunday, October 3, 2010 -- End of Regular Season

BARKSDALE L2013060.68.81319140.61.233.762.682.85
BARRETT L0100.011.0100100.02.048.711.007.74
BARRETT T2411068.69.82014158.81.354.432.212.99
BARRY S2013060.69.61914057.61.394.792.232.71
BELL W1716051.58.81418143.81.263.772.602.80
BELLINO D1113045.89.21111250.01.414.502.182.96
BLASER C11050.06.011050.
BUCKNOR C B1321038.210.02012262.51.364.202.462.79
CAMPOS A1411056.09.8177170.81.445.001.753.70
CARAPAZZA V61085.77.434042.91.151.921.813.31
CARLSON M2411068.69.91816152.91.394.601.923.51
CEDARSTROM G1718048.68.51717050.01.384.062.153.10
CONROY C100100.03.00100.00.571.935.331.93
COOPER E2212064.78.71517246.91.454.572.143.22
COUSINS D1618047.19.81914157.61.405.071.843.51
CRAWFORD J815034.88.51011247.61.323.941.833.42
CULBRETH F1816052.99.42113061.81.374.202.202.90
CUZZI P1915055.98.61515450.01.293.952.732.68
DANLEY K258075.89.31814156.21.414.452.143.39
DARLING G1717050.09.11420041.21.454.412.253.32
DAVIDSON B1818050.08.51520142.91.424.602.073.35
DAVIS G2212064.78.91616250.01.384.022.322.81
DEMUTH D2113061.88.81717050.01.284.352.732.62
DIAZ L1420041.28.41816052.91.394.441.863.42
DIMURO M1420041.28.81517246.91.243.862.512.84
DRAKE R1916054.39.31517346.91.474.662.073.54
DRECKMAN B1318041.910.31217241.41.393.612.043.29
EDDINGS D1816052.97.51020433.31.283.492.482.86
EMMEL P1519044.18.41516348.41.293.872.742.67
ESTABROOK M2310069.77.91417145.21.313.922.642.59
EVERITT M1917052.88.81518345.51.424.502.043.37
FAIRCHILD C1814056.29.11415348.31.384.532.233.10
FLETCHER A1516048.49.01713056.71.434.512.313.14
FOSTER M187072.09.61312052.01.273.982.672.75
GIBSON G2213062.97.2725321.91.293.701.943.34
GONZALEZ M0200.07.511050.00.924.684.251.44
GORMAN B2013060.69.11714154.81.384.301.973.39
GUCCIONE C1916054.38.11616250.01.283.792.342.75
HALLION T1817051.48.51418343.81.243.682.223.04
HERNANDEZ A1421040.08.01418343.81.293.712.512.77
HICKOX E1916054.39.31619045.
HIRSCHBECK J1812060.09.31316144.81.334.412.302.79
HOHN B2112063.68.11218240.01.304.211.843.10
HOLBROOK S1612057.19.51611159.31.374.172.302.89
HOYE J1618047.16.9925026.51.253.322.282.98
HUDSON M1915055.99.71815154.51.364.792.282.83
IASSOGNA D2212064.78.11419042.41.314.002.512.95
JOHNSON A1321038.29.01517046.91.344.051.823.60
JOYCE J1414050.08.31116140.71.193.582.312.82
KELLOGG J1618047.18.81517246.91.324.201.983.17
KNIGHT B1615051.69.81812160.01.354.522.143.22
KULPA R1520042.98.71816152.91.434.251.853.51
LAYNE J239071.98.21120135.51.364.072.023.47
MARQUEZ A2510071.49.02113161.81.363.981.863.41
MCCLELLAND T285084.88.41416346.71.374.192.013.34
MEALS J1816052.98.51517246.91.354.011.973.22
MILLER B2311067.68.41221136.41.274.322.692.63
MUCHLINSKI M115068.88.479043.81.233.632.272.93
NAUERT P1616050.07.41219138.71.273.762.322.83
NELSON J1617048.58.81316444.81.414.481.973.47
O'NORA B2311067.69.01815154.51.304.652.502.61
PORTER A44050.09.152171.41.575.301.753.20
RACKLEY D11050.03.50200.01.242.362.603.37
RANDAZZO T1618047.18.51418243.81.354.242.612.66
RAPUANO E1519044.18.81418243.81.364.212.332.98
REILLY M1716051.59.91910465.51.444.711.733.67
REYBURN D J1311054.28.91112147.81.364.242.492.65
REYNOLDS J1612057.18.51710163.01.394.512.243.26
RIPPERGER M0100.08.0001ERR0.913.273.501.64
RUNGE B177070.88.6913240.91.354.122.932.67
SCHRIEBER P115068.88.188050.01.504.621.683.70
SCOTT D1916054.39.41816152.91.374.502.333.15
TICHENOR T2210068.810.2199467.91.384.401.663.57
TILLER C0200.010.0200100.01.423.002.332.25
TIMMONS T2012062.58.21317143.31.223.342.562.57
TSCHIDA T1815054.57.81221036.41.223.512.372.74
TUMPANE J200100.09.011050.01.305.403.202.25
VANOVER L1514051.78.91513153.61.293.712.292.86
WEGNER M1511057.78.71510160.01.363.991.933.26
WELKE B1218040.08.71415148.31.324.112.492.71
WELKE T2114060.09.92112263.61.405.072.452.87
WENDELSTEDT HU2114060.08.01717150.01.253.482.472.79
WEST J2610072.28.31519244.11.363.651.863.28
WINTERS M1815054.59.51615251.61.485.212.403.24
WOLF J1813058.17.71021032.
ML TOTALS / AVER13581072055.98.791124118710948.61.344.192.233.04

Explanation of Umpire Data Items:

HM - RD - ND       Record of Home and Road Teams when specific Umpire's
                     behind Home Plate (ND indicates the number of games 
                     that were suspended and/or completed at a later date)

HOM PCT.            Winning percentage of the HOME team in Umpire's games

AVER TOT RUNS      Average Total Runs Scored in Umpire's games

OV - UN - P        Over/Under/Push Results in Umpire's games

OVER PCT.          Percentage of games that went OVER the Total (Pushes
                    are excluded)

H&W Per INN        Baserunners Allowed Per Inning by Starting Pitchers
                    in Umpire's games

ERA                 Overall ERA of Starting Pitchers in Umpire's games

K/BB RATE          Ratio of Strikeouts to Walks for the Starting Pitchers
                    games umpired.  The theory is that OVER Umpires tend to
                    have lower K/BB Ratio while Under Umpires tend to call
                    more strikes and thus have higher K/BB Ratios.

BB/9 INN           Average number of walks per 9 Innings pitched by a
                    Starting Pitcher in games umpired by this Umpire.  An
                    OVER Umpire tends to call more balls resulting in more
                    Walks while an UNDER Umpire tends to call more strikes
                    and fewer walks.

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